Protective construction of archaeological site Medijana, Niš, span L = 72,5 m
Sports hall with solid cover, Inđija, the span bordered by the main carriers in one direction is L = 55m, and the overall dimensions of the entire facility are 60 x 80m.
Roof construction of indoor pool, Kragujevac, bridged span 52 x 60m
The roof structure of the indoor pool SC Moraca, Podgorica, bridged the span of 54.5 x 39m
Protective structure Mausoleum, Viminacium, span Lmin = 31.4m and Lmax = 40m
The roof structure of the swimming pool, Subotica, span L = 36m
Mammoth Museum, Viminacium
Reconstruction of the Roman amphitheater, Viminacium
Roof construction of the Imperial Palace building, Sremska Mitrovica, span L = 26 m
Conopies of the restaurant, Hotel Splendid, Bečići
Ethno village, Stanišići